Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional Printing on the big press requires set up, plates and usually high-number press runs to be cost efficient. Our digital press can use the same paper, accommodate shorter press runs, and is faster and more efficient. Digital printing cannot use special opaque inks, metallics and varnishes like litho presses can. See our video on our new Xerox Versant

A “secret weapon” of digital printing, this process allows a client to supply a database along with their printing order. Then we merge the data at the same time as we print the order, so each printed page can have a personalized message. For example, addresses on letters, or images such as dogs for dog owners or referencing products that a customer has purchased in the past. Text, images and colours can vary on each page. See our video

We can handle files from Mac or PC, and most popular graphic file formats. We like PDF files the best. High resolution files of 300 dpi will yield the best results.

Brazen Print Solutions is a commercial printer. Our pricing is based on competitive fees for the printing business, and if you are reselling, you can be PST exempt. We do not sell our services based on price, but on quality.

Customer confidentiality is extremely important to us and no one is allowed on our print floor. Our files are kept safe and boxes shipped out are unmarked except for minimal required information. We would not be in business very long if this was not true.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions