Laser Cheques and Business Forms

Custom printed laser cheques are an essential tool used by all businesses. Cheques can be custom branded with your logo and colours or provided in an inexpensive standard black type on a secure pattern image background.

MICR Encoded

We provide MICR encoded laser cheques that are guaranteed to be accepted by your bank. The standard formats include layouts for AccPac, Business Vision, Dynacom, Microsoft Dynamics, NewViews, PCLaw, Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, and Vigilant.

Security Features

Laser cheques have built in security features and are printed on Defensa Design SG security paper which has eight product specifications designed at security.

  • True fourdrinier paper machine watermark – Optically dull
  • Bleach and oxidizer reactivity brown stain
  • Polar solvent (approx. 30 solvents) reactivity – blue stain, red burst
  • Non-polar class solvent (approx. 35 solvents) – blue/black stain, red burst
  • Invisible embedded fiber fluorescent yellow
  • 2-Bar pattern with bleachable ink
  • Printloc option – true security level toner for laser print

Added protection includes a printed warning on the document face to notify criminals of the security features present and micro-printing a miniature print line or rule that is difficult to scan or copy and must be verified with a magnifying glass.

Continous or Manual Cheques

We also provide continuous form cheques and manual cheques in a range of available sizes with different standard layouts for inserting into binders and making carbon back-up copies.

All our cheque products are CPI compliant and include the most up to date security features available to the Canadian forms industry.

Laser Cheques

Secure Cheque Features

Laser Cheque Sample