Variable Data Printing VDP and Web To Print Services

The variable data printing (VDP) process allows for mass customization of a print run. Rather than a production run of 10,000 containing a single image, the finished product can contain 10,000 unique documents with a personalized message or customized preference for each customer. Working with a database and a template, software is used to create high quality, one of a kind, full colour digital prints. Creating pieces that are relevant to each recipient, using VDP saves time by not having to create each variation manually.


Web to Print

Variable data printing can also be used to automatically build art files from a web portal. This allows for the input of information from any location, so the data can be collected from a wide spectrum of sources while the print production is centralized. This results in a more efficient print process.

Critical Components of Data Collection Online

    1. The collecting of the information must be accurate and is best completed by the actual end user.
    2. The parent company should control the branding and ensure that the logos, materials, and art templates remain consistent across the company or organization.
    3. The variable data printing should be centralized to maintain consistency and to provide the benefits of mass production. The customer and the parent franchisor both receive the best value in terms of quality, price and efficiency.

Combining variable data printing with colour digital print technology is a proven way for marketers to increase their effectiveness and response rates on print marketing campaigns.

Variable Data printing is commonly used for two purposes:

Automate art creation: The first is to simplify the creation of art where there is a template, and simple changes to copy and images can be automatically updated.

Make content relevant: The second is to use customer data to improve the conversion rate by using images that reflect the interests of the consumer.
Our VDP pieces are printed on out Xerox Versant, an idea digital print engine for web to print with unprecedented colour accuracy.

Quality and Affordability

VDP allows marketers to customize every print item in order to cater to the unique interests and needs of the final user. It can be used to add barcodes, QR codes, images, text, and colours that will lead to improved responses.

Variable data printing starts from your data in any standard data format, and fields are then associated with the art template that will be populated with the data or corresponding image file. We use programs like XMPie and Design Merge to build files for variable data printing.

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